Welcome to my website. I purely use this website, or Blog (your choice) to keep note of the stuff I work on or something that interests me.  This website, will most probably, always be “under construction” – simply because I will post new content from time to time, or update existing content as I see fit.

Who am I?

These famous words have been heard in many movies, including “SpiderMan“. I am not a movie star though. I am just an ordinary man, married to a beautiful wife, have two beautiful daughter and at the time of this writing, an unborn sun. We speak Afrikaans at home though I am fully bi-lingual.

What do I do?

I love technology! And I love “tinkering”. To some degree, I’m a hacker – but not like the media falsely portrays it. No, I love building, of fixing stuff. Mostly electronic stuff. I like playing with new inventions, which currently means the Raspberry Pi 3, as well as a Linkit OneArduino’s, racing cars, solar energy, drones and of course,  Linux! In fact, any Open Source project will intrigue me. Even though I can’t program as well as full time programmers, nor do I have an electronics engineering degree – but that doesn’t keep me from learning and exploring!